How to Be a ‘Groom-Not Zilla’


When we think about wedding planning, it’s ironic that the groom is not the first thing that comes to mind. Usually,the bride takes the lead in a good majority of the decisions being made and he follows. Behind the scenes however, we have found that a good majority actually do appreciate being involved in the process and not just being looked to when the invoices check in.

Here are a few tips on how to be involved without being a groomzilla.


Work together: Pick out activities that might be of interest to you and not your bride.It could be as simple as deciding on the photography team as she looks for flowers.Figure out activities your partner is not looking forward to and see which ones you would be good at taking on.

Write things down: When you meet with your planner, take notes, you go online, see something interesting, write it down. This way you’re in a better position to contribute at meetings and can be a point of reference in case of contention.

Show interest: Ask questions, inquire on terms you do not understand. Visit venues together and make it combined effort to find a venue and agree on particular items. basically, don’t show up at your wedding like a guest.

Manage your team: Take off the groomsmen from the things the bride needs to manage.

Stay Organized: Keep detailed records, especially regarding service providers and how much is owed at any given point in time.If you are the chief financier of this wedding this will come in handy when trying to close accounts once everything is said and done.

Seems minimal but if you’re going to spend tonnes of time, money and energy at a party that you’re paying for;you might as well have an inkling of what it is that you’re throwing your money at.

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