10 Event Balloon Trends That Will Blow You Away

Hey, so by now you know that trends always go full cycle and the best thing about event trends is that when they come back they’ve got a full makeover. Just Like, Stella, balloons have gotten their groove back and we LOVE everything about it. Without further ado, here are some ways you can incorporate balloons into your event:

  1. Balloon Entry Way. 

Just like any other trend you can go all out and create a grand magnificent entryway or you can take the minimalist route and have them complement the welcome sign.

2. Balloon Altar Decor. 

I know, right!!! This one will have you asking your husband for a vow renewal ceremony. We love that balloons are so versatile. You can mix them with flowers, vines, paper flowers, or just leave them on their own.

3. Balloon Backdrops 

There’s a very fun element of whimsy that balloons bring to any occasion. You would not have a problem getting people to loosen up and smile with these backdrops.

4. Balloon Desert Table Decor 

First of all, there’s no denying that desert tables are the MVPs of any event. Add a gorgeous balloon arrangement in your colours and you’ll have to keep people away from the cakes. We love that balloons can also work in a rustic set up. And you know we can rock a great rustic set up.

5. Balloon Centerpieces 

After scouring pinterest, we found that the play on the hot air balloon concept is our favorite use of balloons as a centerpiece. They just work really great with a cute little flower arrangement.

6. Balloon Table Runners

How cute are these though? Even better though is the elevated version of this…

7. Floating Overhead Table Runners 

How majestic are these though? It makes you feel like you’re dining in the clouds. Maybe the calories will float away too… Balloons just belong in the air, just like the next trend.

8. Balloon Roof Decor

Tired of looking up at ugly boring roofs or the same old tent draping? Grab a helium tank and some balloons and just go nuts. It will change the entire look and feel of the event.

9. Balloon Unicorns 

Haha we know, is balloon unicorns a thing? We’re here to tell you it most definitely is. And we are glad we live in a world where there are balloon unicorns.

10. Anywhere you feel like. 

The thing about balloons and decor is that they pretty much can be added to any space. From covering up ugly dead spaces to just elevating the look and feel of an area, they can be THE Main Concept or just another element. You just need the right person to help you make your concept into a reality. We tried a bit of balloon fun the last weekend for a baby shower. The space had this huge ugly old white board that just needed some life. With some balloon magic our biggest headache became the feature wall. Take a look at how we took it from concept to reality.

NAILED IT!!!! And I promise you, at Urban Live Events, we get it every time. If you want to rock this trend, we have got you covered. Whether it is for a small celebration or those big events, we can create the perfect backdrop for you to make the memories that last a lifetime. And we guarantee, it will be very ‘Gram-worthy

In case you haven’t had enough of this trend here are some more pictures.



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