7 Ways to Rock The Paper Flower Trend at Your Event

It’s been official for a while. Paper Flowers are in and no, we’re not talking about those crepe paper flowers you made as a child. The paper flower reinvented itself and came back big,bold and beautiful, and we are LOVING It. Whether it’s because you’re allergic to pollen or just want to try something new, paper flowers are a perfect way to bring a unique spin to your events. From Weddings to corporate events, launches to birthday parties, paper flowers are here for you. Here are some of the ways we love paper flowers being incorporated into events.

  1. The Flower Wall


This is a full section of wall covered in paper flowers. They can be monotone or wildly colorful. Just like a statement wall works in a home, this area brings a space to life without the cumbersome issue of live flowers.

Untitled design

The Wall can be fully floral or you can play with spaces and dimensions create a bigger visual impact. Add some props and you have a gorgeous photo-booth backdrop! Believe it or not, a floral wall can also work for corporate events.

  1. Entry Way

paper Arch

Floral arches, while gorgeous, can get a bit basic. Why not put this twist on this classical décor piece? Paper flowers allow you to not only play with colors that can’t be found in nature, but to also play with the sizes. Whether on a stairway or an arch, paper flower entryways will be the perfect welcome to your events. The only downside is guests might be excited to leave, just so they can pass through that magical entryway once more 🙂

Untitled design (1)

  1. Aisle Décor

yasWe can think of nothing more lovely to walk down the aisle to than beautifully crafted paper flowers. Whether tied to the aisle chairs, the church pews or standing on their own, these flowers will make those bridal walk pictures stunning.


  1. Altar Back DropUntitled design (2)

One of the most photographed areas of the wedding is the altar. The moment you exchange your forever vows will be immortalized in videos and photos so you need to make sure you have the perfect backdrop for this.

Untitled design (3)

  1. Chair Décor

Mood board

Paper flowers offer a unique way of elevating a chair. Perhaps you’re having the event in your house and don’t want to spend on bringing in chairs, or you don’t quite want a plain chair or a tie back. Whichever way, paper flowers will not disappoint you. Consider it for bridal showers, baby showers, children’s birthday parties or weddings and other gatherings.



  1. Centrepieces

cape cod wedding photographer

We have scored the internet and found some fantastic ways paper flowers can be incorporated into the centerpiece. They can be solitary giant flowers on a stand or simply laid on the table cloth to create a paper flower runner. If you want to take it up a notch, put in some lighting and you’ve got a unique and magical centerpiece.


  1. Desert Table Décor

cakes decor

Dessert is the highlight of any spread so why not add some beautiful arrangements to show what we all feel inside when we see cake?


There’s many more ways that we can incorporate paper flowers into your event. Whether it’s a graduation, birthday party or corporate event, we’ll ensure your event is on trend.



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