Mark, Our High School Sweetheart

High school sweetheart

Mark, the High school Sweetheart aka The Kenya Kite Festival

There’s probably no love as pure and innocent as that first love. When we met Mark we were still young in the events world. He wasn’t the most popular guy in school. He was that guy that got good grades and would hang out with everyone. He was the sweet guy who had a twinkle in his eyes and an infectious laughter. Everyone loved mark and we fell hard. Mark was the kind of guy you would invite to the family barbecue once and your relatives would never let you attend without him again. He was the kind of guy you’d find hanging out with the nieces and nephews yet still able to have conversations with the adults and cousins. Mark was able to switch seamlessly between the whimsy of child conversations to the complexities of adult conversation. One minute he’d be talking about colours and the next he’d be discussing wind ratios and weather patterns. Who didn’t love Mark?

High school sweetheart (3)

Mark was sweet and gentle and kind and even though he didn’t have much money, he always found a way of making us laugh and smile. I think the most wonderful thing about him though, the thing that kept us hooked to him, was the fact that he was just so different. He had this amazing sense of adventure that made us feel as though we could do anything. Just being around him made you feel as though you could do anything and with Mark, we did. When we would be drowning in uncertainty of logistics, Mark would turn to us with that smile of his and say ‘We are too young to realize that certain things are impossible… So we will do them anyway.’  Hahaha Trust Mark to quote William Wilberforce as he convinces you to bring over international Kiters to the festivals. That was life with Mark. Like a kite dancing in the sky so was Mark’s magic. He would get caught up in a different wind and we’d be off on another adventure, teaching children how to build kites, running workshops in schools, dreaming of attending international festivals… Ah Mark.

But like any high school love story ours hit a small bump when Mark had to leave. We mourned for days and nights and last year was the hardest. But then he sent us word that he’s coming to town. It must be true because there’s been a magic in the air lately and we can’t wait to see what we can do with Mark. We’ve both grown in different ways but oh, there’s still that little girl in us that wants to let down our hair and go running barefoot across a field with the wind in our air and a kite in another. After all the days we spent with our heads in the clouds dreaming big dreams. We can’t wait for him to see that we did it all. We did it because he showed us it is all possible. Knowing Mark he’ll probably having us dreaming even bigger… Mark is coming back. Everyone in the family is excited. Kite fest is coming back…


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