Tyrone: The one that broke our heart… (Event Planning)

Tyrone Edit

Like any young company we had dreams, great ones; to take the event planning scene by storm.  To be quite honest we did make some boss moves there… but Tyrone…

When we met Tyrone for the first time, I would love to say we felt the spark right away but that wasn’t the case.  He was everything one could wish for visually … (Insert your preference here) for us he was Tall, Dark, Witty and Handsome. He also seemed to have his finances in order.

Being fresh in the industry, we could see nothing wrong with going in that direction and seeing where this relationship would take us. Thing about Tyrone though is we had known each other waaaay before and had several encounters with him. Let’s just say then our priorities were different, but we always found ourselves flirting with Tyrone for about 3 years before.  Our paths crossed again under the Urban Live brand and this time, we were ready to go the distance with Tryone and become exclusive.

We were very clear which direction we were taking, we were not interested in weddings but just the corporate Tyrone. Weddings just seem to attract too many emotions from a Tyrone perspective.

For 4 years we gave our all to Tyrone, and we met amazing friends along the way that have walked with us. Our combination was unstoppable, Urban Live and Tryone were the IT COUPLE, but as the years rolled on we hit a plateau.  Before Tyrone always seemed to chase us and truth be told what lady doesn’t love the attention?  Somewhere along the line, we ended up falling in Love with Tyrone but the thing is Tyrone wasn’t buying the whole dream (A house with a picket fence, Kids running around the yard and us living happily ever after).Unstopable Tyrones

Deeply in love, we were making all the plans, working hard to keep the relationship afloat but boy was it an uphill task. Suddenly Tyrone had so many demands that put us in a position where all we did was give our time,give our energy, giveeverything we had and he would keep receiving but it wasn’t enough for him and he barely gave anything back.

4 years in it eventually became evident that we had both grown, but apart. The only way forward was to end the relationship to save the friendship. It was hard at first because then, all we knew and believed in was Tyrone, how were we supposed to pick up the pieces after everything we had been through together? Who were we going to be with apart from Tyrone?

We took it one step at a time and eventually built a different kind of friendship with Tyrone as we moved along. One that has worked better than we could ever have imagined, we support each other but as friends.

We found a new partner who takes us as we are, challenges us, encourages us and allows us to thrive without forgetting where we are from.  That my friends is how we met and fell in love with Kiran a.k.a Event Styling and Décor.

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